Once your extensions have been fitted do not wash them for at least 48 hours, to allow you hair extensions to settle.

Always brush your hair and detangle thoroughly before washing it.

Try to use the recommended products for hair extensions. It is recommended that you use sulfate-free shampoo and conditioners, to avoid drying to hair extensions.

It is recommended that you wash the top of your head/scalp as you normally would and then gently smooth the shampoo down to the added hair extensions, rubbing gently with your hands to ensure it gets washed properly. If you have weave, ensure you wash between rows.

Apply conditioner to mid-length and ends of hair and hair extensions. Do not rub into your scalp to avoid product build up or slippage of rings. Add conditioner to your hands (never directly to hair/roots), then gently smooth from mid-length through to ends.

Try not to wash your hair more than 2 times a week, to reduce the stress on your hair and hair extensions. If you suffer from oily hair, it is recommended you wash your natural hair on the top half only (as many times as you like) and the hair extensions no more than 2 times.



When drying hair with a towel, pat or squeeze. Do not rub hair aggressively as this will cause matting. A Microfiber hair wrap towel is recommended.

when using a hairdryer, use medium heat setting to reduce heat damage or melting of bonds. Ensure all areas of the hair is dried, to avoid breakage or matting.

Never leave hair wet after washing to avoid matting.


Heat Appliances

You can use any heat appliance on your hair extensions as you normally would, but try not to apply heat where the rings are to avoid slippage.

Always use a heat protectant to avoid heat damage.


A soft bristle brush or Tangle Teezer is highly recommended, as these brushes cause minimal damage to both natural hair and hair extensions. You may lose strands of your own hair or hair extensions whilst brushing, this is normal. As an average person naturally sheds over 100 hairs a day. If it seems a lot do not panic, as this could be hair that was trapped in the micro/Nano rings over a period of time.

Brush your hair extensions at least once a day to avoid tangles/matting. If wearing weave, ensure you brush in between rows to avoid matting.

-When brushing, hold the hair at the root whilst starting from the ends, working your way up to the top. If wearing Micro/Nano rings, do not brush over rings.

Before going to bed tie or braid hair loosely to minimize knotting.



If you colour your natural hair often, you can still do this, it is recommended you colour the root areas around the hairline or top half of hair only. T-section is also ok.

You can colour hair extensions; it is recommended you have a strand test first to predict results. As the hair will react differently to your natural hair. Alternatively, you can ask the technician during maintenance, to add or remove colour to hair extensions.

General Maintenance

Attend regular maintenance appointments, it is recommended every 6-8weeks.

With Micro/Nano rings we recommend that you leave it no longer than 3 months however this will be different for everyone. It all depends on how quick your hair grows and how you have treated the hair. We would recommend not leaving them in for any longer than 3 months. Nano rings are required to be removed and refitted.


Always brush your hair, tie it up or braid before swimming to prevent tangling.

Always wash hair straight after swimming to remove Chlorine or any other chemicals from the pool.

The chemicals from the pool can cause the hair to become brittle and dry, it is recommended you apply a leave-in conditioner on the ends to restore moisture.

When on holiday ensure your hair is covered as the sun can cause discolouration. If this happens Malibu Hard water is recommended.


Note – If you follow the advice mentioned above your hair extensions will not cause damage to your natural hair. The guidelines provided can help you get the most out of your hair extensions whilst letting your own stay healthy.